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Training goes beyond just strength, cardiovascular training, and flexibility. Its time to bridge the gap with your movement patterns and incorporate mobility, stability and dynamic motor control into your life.

Fitness 's FMS

What to Expect

  • Initial Contact and Consultation/Discuss Goals

    Get to know you, your past and current cardiovascular, metabolic and pulmonary health. Assessment and Progams Set-up.

  • FMS Movement Screen/Cardio Assessment

    Muscular Endurance/Strength assessment. Anthro’s (BP, Body comp etc).

  • Move Well/Establish quality movement patterns/Move Often

    Correct imbalances and dysfunctions within FMS screen (ASLR, Shoulder, TSPU, Rotary).>150 Min/week cardiovascular activity. 2-3 strength training sessions/week w/6-8 muscle groups engaged/session. Flexibility work daily.

About Parker

I first got hooked on exercise as a high school football player. I just loved the feeling of pushing my body to greater performance levels through strength and conditioning programs. And this initital desire to improve performance is what got me into the health and fitness field. After high school I enrolled at Salt Lake Community College in the Fitness Technician program. Here is where I learned the science behind improving human performance. I learned that it to achieve the best results is through science and evidence based programing and implementation.

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